Gabrielle flies in from Perth for her makeover

Gabrielle had a deep overjet before

I met the most AMAZING family today.

Gabrielle migrated with her parents from Singapore to Perth, Australia, where, she, together with her sister Michelle and parents, have lived for the past 6 years. She had received treatment in Singapore when she was little for her deep overjet and tongue tie but the experience had made her really scared of dentists.

“Dental treatment in Australia is very, very expensive,” her mum said, “the only national health dental treatment is very basic, and besides, a shortage of professionals means there is a huge back-log, so Gabrielle would have to wait for a long time for any treatment … and she probably couldn’t get this sort of work done on the national health programme anyway.”

And so it was Gabrielle that did a Google search for a dentist who could help her. She said she searched using words like ‘makeover’, ‘dentist’, ‘overjet’, ‘teeth’ and she found this blog!!

She got so excited reading about the real-life makeovers and seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, she persuaded her parents to include a trip down to KL just for the consultation and possibly the makeover, whilst they were on their vacation in Singapore!

WOW!!! I was mightily impressed! I mean what an amazing family … her parents were willing to listen to her plans and make a special trip to KL solely to visit us. Gabrielle and Michelle are very lucky to have such supportive and open parents, indeed.

I examined Gabrielle and explained the procedure, its advantages and limitations at length. I told her that my main concern was that she lived in Perth, but as the veneering was really so non-invasive, once I had done it, the makeover could easily be maintained in Perth.

“Veneering is, after all, a type of filling, so you really need to follow-up with the basic dental check-ups in Perth.” I said.

I then talked about her other options which included things like crowning, root canal treatment and discussed the time-line I needed to complete them. I wanted Gabrielle and her parents to be really comfortable with their choices so we spent quite sometime just discussing what she could do now and what she could do at a later date.

I had run out of time by but fortunately I could squeeze in the veneering (if that was what they wanted) during my lunch break, so Gabrielle and her family went off for lunch and have a family pow-wow to decide which option she was going to take.

When they returned, Gabrielle’s mum said they had decided to do the composite veneering first. Gabrielle could always fly in to do the more extensive (and expensive) work later. She was planning to go to Japan later in the year and could stop by for the first phase on her way to Japan, and complete the work on her way back to Perth.

Yippee yay!!! I got ready to wave my magic wand whilst mum watched.

Gabrielle's first photo with her showing her teeth!

It didn’t take too long as I had only to do seven veneers, a filling and a scaling. Her total makeover was probably less than the hotel and flight costs to KL!!

As they left, Gabrielle was teased by Michelle, “Gabrielle, you still haven’t stop looking at the mirror!” Gabrielle was hogging the mirror while admiring her new look …. she was all smiles and very happy!!

Well, Michelle …. tomorrow will be your turn to hog the mirror! Michelle has decided to get a makeover tomorrow afternoon!

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