And now it’s Michelle’s turn!

Michelle's crowding was rather severeThis time it was Michelle’s turn! Gabrielle’s sister had teased her for hogging the mirror after her makeover yesterday. This afternoon when Michelle came in for her turn, she said that Gabrielle was still smiling wide and checking in the mirror at any opportunity!

Beautiful Michelle was all excited and soon settled confidently into the dental chair … after all she knew it was painless and she had watched Gabrielle’s transformation yesterday.

I did a quick clean up then got ready to do her mock-up, a ‘pretend’ makeover so we both could see how she’d look like with the new smile and I get to plan my work too.

I explained that since her teeth were oh so white, I was going to use the lightest shade I had. So she sat back whilst I chatted with her dad about living in Australia.

I was even more struck by what a loving family they had. Johnathan, Michelle’s dad, and his wife had devoted their time to bringing up the two girls. The first two years were very challenging for them as they were determined to make sure the girls settled into the new environment and school life.

We talked about so many things as I created Michelle’s new beautiful smile. Gabrielle came in with her mother and this time it was her turn to do the teasing!

At last the tops were done! I printed out Michelle’s “before” and “after” photo and Gabrielle placed

Michelle's new smile!

them in the Makeover Album. Her mum said it was a wonderful idea to give them the photos on the spot!

Yes … I told her that I had discovered the Canon Selphy printer when I was at Pavilion Mal bought it immediately, and have been printing the photos for the patients ever since. It was only about 3 months ago that I began to put it in the Makeover Albums that I had commissioned specially for the photos. It’s a great way to keep a momento of each makeover as it is indeed a life changing moment!

Michelle was busy looking at her new smile in the mirror! This time it was her mum who exclaimed,”Oh no! Now both of them will be glued in front of the bathroom mirrors when we get back to the hotel!”

I love my job! I get to make people happy and create beautiful smiles every day! 😉

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