Hafez the aspiring broadcast host

Hafez before we waved the magic wand

Hafez has a wonderfully deep baritone in his voice. That was what immediately struck me when he greeted me early this week. He was a referral from Suahimi Sulaiman, the editor-at-large of the popular and informative, Astro Awani.

Hafez is studying Teaching English As A Second Language (TEASL) at a local university in Kuala Lumpur. He also is undergoing a course with his mentor, Suhaimi, in broadcasting.

I commended Hafez on his excellent command of the English Language …. he spoke so well I was impressed! Hafez hails from Perlis, way up north, and though there was no hint of a ‘ kami mai dari utara’ slang, I’m sure if he were to break into colloquial Malay it would be fast and strong! 😉

Hafez was about to do a shoot for his broadcasting course. The shoot would be of him reading …. but the camera would only be concentrating on filming his mouth as he speaks! Yikes!!

And so Hafez wanted a makeover and Suhaimi told him about us ….. well, Hafez made the appointment and here he was all ready for some makeover magic!!

He needed to correct his upper teeth as they were tilted this way and that. His lowers didn’t need much work, but, well …. I always believe on ‘complete work’ so just a little tweaking to align them wouldn’t hurt at all!

A new smile for the aspiring broadcaster

As always, I got to make a new friend as I worked. Hafez and I chatted about his course and living in Malaysia. I am so lucky to be a dentist that specialises in makeovers …. I get to chat with my patients as I work (as it takes about an hour) and invariably, they become a friend.

We were soon finished and with great flourish I passed the mirror to Hafez …. he was ecstatic!!

Now the cameraman can focus on his mouth all he wanted …. Hafez has the confident smile he was looking for at last!

Pretty good, eh!

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