Michelle gets the finishing touches

Michelle before

Michelle had a few days with Gabrielle, her sister and parents Johno aka Johnathan and Serene, before they flew back home. I still am amazed at the power of the internet and this absolutely special family.

The internet was how Gabrielle found us … she Googled for a dentist which could close the gap between her front teeth and found the blog. She flipped through the many posts and read all the comments then talked to her awesome parents about coming to KL for a makeover!

The rest is history! The whole family booked their flights and hotel and came to KL with the sole purpose of transforming Gabrielle’s smile and perhaps Michelle’s too. You see, this amazing family live in Perth, Australia!!

I started with Gabrielle (See Gabrielle Flies In From Perth: Oct 11). It was fairly easy then the next day was Michelle’s turn whilst Gabrielle and mum, Serene went shopping!

Michelle with her beautiful smile!!

Michelle needed a little more work hence she came in yesterday for the final part of her makeover ….as I needed to sort out her lower teeth too. So Dad, Johno, kept her company whilst I worked.

I asked them to come back in one last time before they flew back … it was so nice to do that last polish, give them all big hugs and promised to keep in touch via Facebook and emails!

I have grown to love them … I had so much fun waving my wand for these special girls and getting to know their wonderful parents. The girls popped in with a surprise thank you gift of chocolate cookies in a beautiful box … a momento I will use to keep things in and remember them whenever I open it.

Michelle and her dad, Johno

Gabrielle, I am soooooo glad you found the blog and I got to meet your amazing family!

I have the best job in the world! 😉

Keep in touch girls, I’d love to hear about your adventures!

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