Razid completes the Miracle Makeover

Razid when I first met him

Just before the Eidil Fitri holidays I started Phase One of ‘Razid’s Miracle Makeover’. Razid had seen me earlier, to do just his routine dental treatment, and also to ask me the question he really wanted to ask …. “Should I start orthodontic treatment and what would I go through if I do? What will it be like?”

It was a difficult question to answer …. you see Razid could rearrange his teeth and get a beautiful smile with braces … of course he could … but there were several things he would have to accept.

First, I told him, he would definitely have to be with the braces for at least 3 years ….(at least!) this was because his upper front teeth were so deeply locked in behind his lower teeth, and it meant he had to raise his bite (his mouth had to be kept opened up even when he was eating) for a long time, to allow for enough space to pull backwards/ pull in the lower teeth,so that they can get behind the upper front teeth … it was going to be mightily uncomfortable!

Secondly, he most likely will need to remove/ take out four teeth at the back.

Thirdly, his lower teeth will be tipped backwards once the treatment is over which means cleaning them will always be tricky.

Razid’s face fell when I told him all this. He wasn’t keen on doing braces in the first place, as he also was a singer who preformed with a local Nasyid group. He is a young, handsome man and wearing braces for 3 years was going to be tough.

I took a deep breath and said I could do an alternative treatment. It would still involve some extractions and a lot of creativity and ‘thinking out of the box’ on my part ….. but if he was willing …. I would do it all in 3 phases, which would take about a month. I could do it with porcelain bridges!

He could have his smile in one month!

Razid one month later with his miracle smile!

Well, I did the first phase just before Eidil Fitri (See A Miracle for Razid, Sept 4) and yesterday was the final piece of the whole treatment plan …

Razid now looks like this! I am so happy with the results and so is Razid.

It is times like these that I am so thankful I chose being a dentist so very long ago. I have been a dentist for 24 years … I have enjoyed every day of my career. It has been so fulfilling!

It was such a special moment when Razid looked at himself yesterday and smiled …. you see, Razid could not smile when I first met him.

Thank you Razid for trusting me.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to be able to give Razid this smile.

I am the luckiest person in the whole world! I get to create beautiful smiles (and make people happy!) every single day! 😉

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