Fairuz gets a makeover before her big day

Fairuz like so many others, did not like her smile. She had a rather large gap and to make things even more complicated she still had her baby canines so she had a mix of larger and smaller teeth when she smiled.

Fairuz the bride-to-be

She surfed the net and typed in words like ‘dentist’ and ‘gap’, only to find our blog. After reading the many comments (thank you guys … your testimonies that the makeovers really don’t hurt inspired confidence for Fairuz to make the call to book her appointment) she came in yesterday for me to wave my magic wand.

Fairuz is an engineer for a shipping company. She’s a little shy and said she was getting married this December!

Ah … that was enough for me to pull out all the plugs …. I wanted Fairuz to have a beautiful smile for her wedding day!

I had my job cut out for me as I had to make her teeth look really natural… she had such a sweet smile! Whilst I worked, Amy my clinic manager said that Fairuz needn’t worry because we had done a similar makeover last year … and at the end the patient was in tears of joy.

Fairuz will be smiling at her wedding

It didn’t take long before I handed the mirror to Fairuz!

Yes!! She took one look and said,”Wow! I look different!”

Magic? Yes it sure seems like it! It just took about an hour.

But believe me it’s real. 😉

Fairuz, you not only look different, you look gorgeous!

Smile dear, at your wedding, and please come in for a complimentary polish and clean up before your big day.

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