Musliha’s brand new beautiful smile

Musliha had a wide but not so pretty smileMusliha is an interior designer. She is a bubbly girl and gives the air of someone who is efficient and capable. She breezed into the clinic and immediately told us she wanted a makeover done just like her housemate Yati.

She had a top tooth that was sort of sticking out and true to her personality, she wanted it sorted out quick … though she admitted, what was stopping her before, was her fear of dentists! But since Yati had told her she had nothing to worry about, she made the appointment, cleared her schedule and was ready for some magic!

She has a wide, wide smile but the wayward upper tooth and a lower tooth moving upwards which now showed a gap, didn’t allow her to smile with confidence. I said she’d leave the clinic with the smile she wanted … her only problem will be, she’d find it hard to stop checking the mirror for a few days!Now that's a confident smile, Musliha!

We did a quick clean up first …. then the magic!

In less than an hour, Musliha was ready for the mirror.

She looks goooood don’t you agree?

This young lady now has her beautiful smile at last! 😉

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el musliha
el musliha
11 years ago

best dentist is dr. fauziah.. wish to visit u at anytime, insyaAllah