Mr Gopal does his lowers whilst son-in-law Karuna gets his new smile!

Before we started

It was a family affair!

Just before lunch Mr Gopal took the train from Mantin, Negeri Sembilan to complete the second part of his three-part makeover. I had done the first part last week (see Mr Gopal gets his Smile again) . The whole treatment plan had to be split into three parts as I had to get Mr Gopal’s gums in good shape first! It’s was kind of amazing as yesterday I had no less than four patients from Seremban who travel to KL for their treatment … wow!

Mr Gopal needed to get his gums OK first! Then once everything is nice and healthy, the plan is to stabilise his teeth whilst making them look good! So his initial appointment last week was to geared for that and yesterday was to stabilise his teeth and complete the makeover.

Mr Gopal was much more relaxed this time too. He came in and said that many of his colleagues commented on how different he looked and he felt great … gone was his initial nervousness! Mr Gopal was ready for Round 2 😉

I rechecked the upper teeth and did some small adjustments.  I told him that Karuna (his son-in-law) was coming in for his makeover later that afternoon … he smiled and said it was probably because Sashi (his daughter) had coaxed him to do so!! We talked about Mr Gopal’s grandkids and his love for being a teacher … Mr Gopal taught English in a rural school for 23 years!

What a big difference!

We were soon finished and now all that’s left is to add in the missing teeth  so his eating motions are more even!

Mr Gopal looks gooood!

Round 3 is next week …. stay tuned!

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