Karuna’s turn for his brand new smile

Karuna's chipped tooth stood out

Karuna does not like dentists …. yes I know it isn’t personal! It’s not the person he doesn’t like 😉 it’s just going to see a dentist for dental treatment is not exactly a top priority (hmmm quite the case for 99.999% of the world’s population!)

Ah, but Karuna did like his wife’s, Sashi, makeover and was ready for a brand new smile just in time for Deepavali. He came in last week for a clean up first and to discuss what I could do for him. I gave him the options and he went back to Seremban with squeaky clean teeth to decide on which option he wanted.

Yesterday, he came in, after his father-in-law, all ready for some magic.

We talked about so many things whilst I worked…. about Seremban (I had my first clinic there for a year before moving back to KL for good!) and Life in general. Karuna was a model patient and was totally relaxed.

I explained that my biggest challenge would be the two upper teeth that were tucked behind the lower teeth. The chipped tooth was easy-peasy!

Not bad for an hour's work!

About an hour later I was finished! Mya … (my assistants are named Amy, Mya and Mai … try saying all three names together, it’s like a tongue twister!) handed the magic mirror to Karuna …

Karuna broke into a wide, wide grin!

“Now all I need to do is fix my lips and get a shave!”, he laughed.

Yes Karuna … your teeth look pretty good! It’s a pity Sashi will only get to see it when she comes back from her Bandung vacation with her friends on Friday.

It’ll be a wonderful surprise to see your brand new smile when you pick her up from the airport!

I love my job … I get to make people happy and create beautiful smile every single day!! 😉

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