Mazlan Juju the Perfumer

Juju before ... It was tough to get him to smile!

Juju looked very exotic in his heavy onyx necklace. Wow … from afar I mistook it for a collar but soon realised they were thumbnail sized onyx stones!

Juju is a perfumer and designer. He has clothed our beauty queens in his creations for several international pagents and specialises in creating the beautiful costumes they wear for the national costume category.

Juju also has a selection of perfumes which he supplies to his many clients … not an easy feat given there are so many and the demand for them isn’t easy to predict. However, this enterprising clothier takes it in his stride.

He was introduced to us by Kelly, an actor friend who had done a makeover a few months ago. Juju said he was impressed by the huge difference in Kelly and wanted to see what magic I could do for him.

I had blocked off an hour or so … I needed to resize quite a few teeth and work on the lower teeth too. Juju like a true artiste, took a deep breath, settled down into the chair, closed his eyes and said, “OK.” He is awesome!

We chatted about perfumes and creating beautiful clothes whilst I worked. Every now and again I checked with Juju, “Are you OK?” I would ask.

What a difference!

Juju would wave his hands, signaling me to continue … he understood that I was creating his beautiful smile and I was present to his complete trust in me! What an experience!

When he was ready for the mirror, I presented it to Juju with flourish …. Taadaah!

He scrutinised it and then broke into a huge smile!

Yes, he loved i. 😉

I printed the photos for his Makeover Album keepsake and warned him he’d have a tough time staying away from checking his reflection in the mirror for a few days. He laughed as that was exactly what he was doing … admiring his smile in the mirror as I spoke!!

I love my job. I get to meet such interesting personalities. Juju is definitely one-of-a-kind sort of person. Thanks Kelly for the introduction!

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