Popular Actor, Fizo Omar gets prepared for his starring role

The ever smiling Fizo

Fizo Omar is a really nice guy. He called in yesterday for an appointment for his mum and himself. I had done a makeover for him two years ago and as he was about to start filming for his next movie he wanted a clean-up…. but more urgently he said, he wanted his mum to get some treatment done too.

He came in with huge dark glasses on which prompted me to say, “Fizo, what is it with those huge shades? You’re a popular movie star! You shouldn’t be hiding behind those massive glasses!” He laughed and introduced me to his mum, Pn Habsah.

Fizo told me he was about to start shooting his latest film, “Hello”, in which he has the starring role of a doctor who finds love again after losing his wife. He explained he was unshaven and ‘messy’ (he always looks poised and clean cut) to be in character of the grieving doctor … he starts shooting later today.

True to the gentleman he is, he said that though he wanted a clean-up, he wanted me to treat his mum first and do him only if we still had the time! This guy is just so nice.

My pretty nurses with 'Dr Fizo'
Fizo and my pretty nurses

As I worked on his mum, Fizo told me about his recent holiday in Bali and talked about his latest movie role in ‘Hello’. He asked about his actor and actress friends and said that he always told people when they asked how he kept his smile so nice, that he had a secret weapon … Klinik Pergigian Fauziah! … what a charmer he is!! 😉

But that is exactly the Fizo I know … a real gentleman!!

Yes, Fizo, you are a Star!!

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