Cecelia travels from Singapore for her dream smile

Cecilia before her Zoom! Whitening and makeover

Cecilia wanted a brand new smile. She met up with her school friend Grace who told her about us so she emailed us for an appointment. Dental treatment in Singapore is quite costly (at least double!!) compared to prices in KL so Cecilia was excited to do the complete programme with us! She wanted a whitening then a makeover.

Cecilia works for the regional office of a Chinese medicinal company that supplies medicines to many countries in the region. Cecilia who is Malaysian, speaks many languages, so necessary in her job … what an asset it is to have mastery of different languages and dialects! We, Malaysians usually can speak at least 3 languages quite comfortably … and think nothing of it too.

Cecilia started with her Zoom! Whitening first. I explained that it would take about 90 minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes as the Promotion we currently have (it’s until 17 December, so call the clinic today to book your appointment!) means Cecilia would get a free scaling and polishing, extra Zoom Whitening cycles as well as a special polish to make sure there is no sensitivity too…. as well as a voucher and a special mantainence toothpaste to keep her pearly-whites shining!

All prepared for the Whitening

It’s a great value-for-money deal indeed! (see Whiter Teeth)

She settled down and I opened her personal Zoom! Whitening kit, explaining the whole procedure and what to expect.

I began the isolation of her teeth … something we take very seriously hence we have a “No Pink Policy” which we strictly adhere to and make sure she’s comfortable throughout the four 15-minute cycles!!

Once her teeth were ready and super whitened, Cecilia was ready for Step 2 … her makeover!!

Cecilia' brand new smile!

This part is actually the easiest. She only needed to do 4 Composite Veneers to straighten and ‘un-tilt’ her upper teeth. Cecilia was taking everything in her stride!

Soon she was ready for first glimpse of her brand new smile

….. ta daaah!!! Cecilia said, “wow!”

I printed her ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos for her Makeover Album as she exclaimed, “I can’t make out where the veneers are … they look so natural!”

Yes … and the photos actually don’t do the makeover justice! 😉

Thank you, Cecilia … you were awesome. And thank you Grace! It’ll be really nice to see you, Clement and your son, Ernest soon!

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