Annie gets her teeth whitened whilst little Azim has his fun

The very pretty Annie had rather a greyish tinge to her smile before

Annie lives in Abu Dhabi. She was back to supervise the makeover of her family home in Kuala Lumpur with her youngest son Azim. Whilst she is here, she wanted me to do a makeover for herself too, so in she came accompanied by her little shadow, Azim (he’s three!), her sister and niece.

Annie’s sister, Fatimah, had just done a Zoom! Whitening in another dental clinic in Subang Jaya. She wasn’t very happy with the results and so when Annie told her she was booked in for a Zoom! Whitening too she wanted to come along and see how it was different.

You see, Fatimah had paid RM1500 for her treatment! But she only got 2 15-minute cycles and a take home kit …. it was no surprise to me that Fatimah’s results weren’t very good. Take home kits don’t work! And the Zoom! Whitening procedure was cut short to only two cycles!

Annie had told Fatimah that I had said that her Zoom! Whitening was 4 15-minute cycles, and she also was getting a special toothpaste that was going to keep it bright and white which was worth RM80 for free, she also was getting her scaling and polishing which is worth RM100 for free, a Makeover Album and a special voucher which she could give away to someone so they could get another RM100 off their whitening too. All this and she gets her Vitamin E lip spa and a special gel which reduces any sensitivity all in her own personal Zoom! kit. And her package was RM1700!! She actually pays less with all the freebies!!

Little Azim insisted he wanted to go first!

Fatimah said she had blisters on the side of her mouth after the treatment as she didn’t get the Lip Spa, neither did she get the special gel, the special toothpaste  …. forget the Before/After photos and Voucher!!

I figured that the other clinic probably split the kit for two patients. The kit is actually designed to be a personal kit … this means you even get your own mouth guard which is not shared … duuuh… I didn’t want to tell Fatimah that the mouth guard that was used on her was probably used on someone else first! Yuck! OK-lah, I’m sure it was sterilised first but it was unneccessary, you know what I mean.

I did Azim’s clean up first as he marched up and climbed into the dental chair …. he insisted on going first! So we did a clean up and Azim got to go up and down, and get his special car themed toothpaste as I fussed over him!

Azim and Annie sitting comfortably during the Zoom! Whitening

Finally I got to prepare Annie for her treatment. I explained exactly what was going to happen, unwrapped her personal kit and did her complimentary scaling and polishing then started with the Vitamin E lip spa before the actual whitening procedure.

Azim wanted in too, so whilst Annie laid back comfortably with her protective shades, Azim got his and sat his mum’s lap for a bit …. who ever said Zoom! Whitening wasn’t relaxing will never believe this picture of mother and son!

After the full 4 cycles with the plasma light, Annie was ready for the post whitening treatment. I applied the ACP gel that ensures she didn’t have sensitivity and gave her the post-perative instructions whilst Fatimah kept saying her experience was totally different.

Fatimah was all excited as I handed the mirror to Annie. She said, “Dik, you’re going to love it! It’s really white!!”

Yes, Annie loved it and was really satisfied … she said, “No one touches my teeth but you Dr Fauziah, I travel all the way from Abu Dhabi just for your check ups!”

Annie now ... Brighter and Whiter

Thanks Annie … you do know your Voucher for the RM100 off on the Zoom! Whitening has been booked by Fatimah don’t you! 😉

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Gushiv D'Acry Ryan
Gushiv D'Acry Ryan
13 years ago

My Dear Dr Fauziah, I deeply thanksful for your special skill with teeth! Helping me a lot and make me feel so comfortable to visit you again!!! I’m a International Make up Artist and Modeling part-time…Image is everything for me! I base in Europe and London but i still wanted come back to Dr Fauziah because She is so friendly ,detail about my teeth also super reasonable price range for different kind of treatment! I will come back again just for you to see my teeth as i feeling total confident with you! I can’t trust anyone else for my… Read more »

Gushiv D'Acry Ryan
Gushiv D'Acry Ryan
13 years ago