Rina has an accident

Poor Rina

Have you ever had something happen to you when you least expect it …. that turns your world upside down? I guess this is why they call it an accident … no one expects things like this to happen to them.

Rina and her husband were out for lunch at a mall near her office. They both work for a developer and were on the escalator when Rina’s high heel got stuck. Next thing she knew she was falling face first onto the metal grid!

She hit her face hard on the escalator and sustained cuts and bruises on the bridge of her nose, nasty cuts on her upper lip, smashed the inner side of her upper lip and worse of all completely broke one of her front teeth and another had a deep, deep crack and was now dangling.

She tweeted her predicament, and a friend, Julia, told her to come and see me at the Menara EON Bank branch. Julia had done a makeover some time ago and was confident I could help Rina!

Rina came in the next day with a puffed up lip (she said it had subsided a bit … poor thing) to see what I could do for her. I had a full schedule, but I just couldn’t turn poor Rina away … the next day was Hari Raya Aidil Adha for goodness sake … imagine having to wait even more for treatment! I ‘tak sampai hati’ ….  I didn’t have the heart to not do something for the pretty young Rina.

Still with a swollen lip but no longer a broken smile

It was going to be a challenge as poor Rina was going to have to do root canal therapy on the broken tooth and the one that was dangling had to come out (!!) as the fracture was below the gum margin!!

I managed to squeeze in time to do her root canal treatment, but the hard bit was to get her presentable for the holidays as I couldn’t start a bridge yet … as the root filling needed 24 hours to set …. what a bummer!

It was then that I had a brain wave … I could reattach the dangling tooth and do a composite bridge … it would be strong enough for the holidays and allow the root filling set until I could do her a temporary bridge … whew! I was determined to help Rina smile again …

Rina smiling again!

After the root canal was done, I reattached the broken tooth and used composite veneering technique to make her smile presentable again.

Rina was a model patient! She never once complained as I worked but was cheerful all the time!

I made sure she left with antibiotics (as she fell in a public area and it probably was full of germs!), had the necessary medicines to reduce the swollen lips and a good medicated salve for the smashed up inner lip and painkillers of course!

This was one of the days where I am so glad I do what I do … it was so fulfilling to be able to help someone as nice as Rina just when she needed it most.

I love my job …. thank you Julia for sending Rina to us!

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