Mahmud the Accountant

Mahmud before his surprise

Mahmud first came in to see us about two weeks ago as he had a sore tooth which was ‘killing him’. He works as an accountant at one of the embassies.

His boss, the Charge-de-affairs, referred him to us as we had sorted out a similar problem for him last month!

I think it was because his boss told him to trust me, that had Mahmud take my advice. We took out a very badly broken down tooth even though he felt the pain was coming from a tooth that looked fine. I told Mahmud that he had nothing to lose … the tooth was in very bad shape and I was certain that it was the culprit and not the innocent tooth he was pointing to.

So take it out we did … and Mahmud came in for a check up yesterday.

He came in beaming!!! Yes, he said he was glad he listened to me because he was totally fine now …. I laughed and told him to relax as now I was going to do some other work … if he said ‘ok’ of course.

He needed to re-do some fillings and a clean-up. He sat back and I revved up my magic wand!

Wow! What a difference!

In about an hour I told Mahmud to get ready for a surprise.

I passed the mirror to him and when he turned the mirror around, he broke into a big, big smile!

“I don’t believe it!”, he said. ” So fast and there was no pain!”

I laughed … why is it people always expect dental treatment to be painful, I do not understand! 😉

I joked, ” You never excpected such a difference, did you?”  Mahmud was smiling and smiling at the mirror.

I printed his Before and After photos for his Makeover Album as I told him about our 100% guarantee and to stay away from stones, bones and metal rods.

As he said goodbye he said he was going to see his boss and give him a big smile!

Yes, Mahmud .. just smile and see if Mr Hasannien notices the new you. 😉

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