Hidayat’s surprise

Hidayat after his clean up

Hidayat works for TNB, our electricity board in the Security and Risk Management Department. He made the appointment with his friend Naseem for a clean-up and polish today.

Hidayat was the first one in, whilst his good friend read the daily newspaper in the sitting room. The first thing Hidayat said was that he was in the clinic for just a clean up.

“Is that all?” I asked, “I’d probably check to see if you need more! I think you’ll be in for a surprise!” I laughed.

It turned out that Hidayat did need more … but I cleaned and gave his teeth a good polish til they were really white (see the first photo) first as that was what he came in for, right.

I told him that someone had put a really ugly silver filling on his premolar … I mean, OK, I got it was done when he was in school but really  …. whoever it is could have chosen a tooth coloured filling rather than a metal filling! Duhhh…

I asked whether he was fond of his sharp looking canine on his right side too … he laughed and said an emphatic ‘no’. Hmm this guy is going to be surprised for sure …;)

So with the green light given to me, Hidayat sat back and I revved up my magic wand.

Hidayat's new smile!!

In about half an hour he was ready for the mirror … we passed it to him flourish … Hidayat took it tentatively, looked at me and turned the mirror around.

He broke into a wide grin! “Wow! I asked my dentist back in Ipoh and they said the gap could only be done with braces! Wow! And the sharp tooth is gone!”

I laughed and told him that I wasn’t surprised that the dentist only recommended braces… for some reason most dentists don’t seem to be able to do this work, and I really can’t understand why … it’s easy and really fast … and the best thing is it’s painless!

I took his photo whilst Hidayat admired his new smile in the mirror. Just before I called in Naseem, I warned Hidayat that the new smile looked so ‘right’/ natural that his best friend and even his girlfriend would not be able to remember what he used to look like .. so he shouldn’t get upset if people close to him said he looked great but couldn’t tell what I did!

Sure enough, Naseem couldn’t tell what was done until he saw the photos!

Hidayat got yet another surprise when I printed a set of before and after photos  in his own personal Makeover Album that he took home with him for a keepsake!

I promised to post this on the Facebook Page “Dentist Malaysia” so he can comment on his experience by 10:30 tonight … so sorry Hidayat, my aunt dropped by to use my computer and I delayed this post til she left! My apologies! It really is important that patients comment on their experience in our clinics!!

You see it really is painless … and it really was done in less than an hour … and the photos are of real people!!!

I love my job!! Thanks Hidayat for trusting me to wave the magic wand … I get to create Beautiful Smiles every day!

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