Shanaz’s birthday smile

Shanaz before

Shanaz is my eldest son. He’s turning 20 this Monday and has put off closing the gap in his front teeth … I guess he knew he could always do so as it was his mum that was going to do it for him!

He’s on holiday right now as UIA is on semester break. Shanaz is currently in his first semester doing Bio-Medical Sciences. He intends to switch to Dentistry next year … when he finishes he’ll be a third generation dentist!

Yep. My dad, Shanaz’s grand dad and I are dentists and I guess the career was always there as a career option for him … I mean Shanaz, like his mum (me!), had grown up in a dental clinic environment … he had worked part-time in the clinic during his school holidays in the phone marketing department.

Shanaz had “cut his teeth” calling up patients to invite them to make an appointment when their 6-month check up was due. One of our customer service policies is that we make sure you are reminded and we help you find a suitable time for your regular checks. Shanaz has always wanted to be a dentist!!

Shanaz found the time to come in for his makeover since he was recuperating after the gruelling half-marathon during the Penang Bridge Run last weekend. I was so proud when he called to say he completed his first half marathon …way to go, son!

I didn’t have to tell him it was going to be painless … nor did I have to tell him it would take less than half an hour … he had watched me at work countless times.

Shanaz's new smile!

So it was so sweet when I passed the mirror to him when I was done. He broke into a huge smile.

He is a handsome young man, isn’t he?

And I am so proud of him, too! He’s the best son any mum could ever ask for. 😉

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