Shah’s ‘miraculous’ makeover

Shah before the magic wand did it's stuff!

Why was Shah’s makeover miraculous, you might ask …. well, it was because Shah came in not really believing she would be a candidate for a makeover.

Shah came in this afternoon after seeing several other dentists earlier … she had asked them about braces to close her gaps. Poor Shah was told over and over again, that because she had gums had receded, braces could not be done. So it was with a little trepidation she made her appointment as she had stumbled on this blog.

Shah had read the posts and took heart that just maybe we could do something! Perhaps composite veneering will be the answer!

Was she nervous? Yes, of course!!! … she had been told so many times that nothing could be done for her!

I told Shah that I definitely could make her smile look much, much better. She brightened up a bit when I explained that though I could improve her smile with composite veneering, the teeth would stay at the same place … they would not be pushed in like braces would do.

The halfway mark ... Shah upper teeth were transformed!

Shah said she was OK with the positioning … she just wanted a nice smile. I got excited when I heard that and told her, “Let’s just do it then … trust me!” … and so we started.

I worked on her upper teeth first and in about half an hour they were done! I asked Shah if she’d like to see the transformation half way, when she nodded, Mya passed her the mirror.

Shah was pleased! I wanted her to see it as I felt Shah would be even more relaxed and confident before we started the harder part … her lower teeth.

We took a short break  … then  we began to wave the wand for her lower teeth!

The lowers were more tricky … it took us another 30 minutes or so before we could start to polish them to a beautiful shine … I kept checking with her if she felt any pain … nope! It didn’t hurt one bit!

Shah's miraculous smile!

Soon we were done and the moment when Shah was to look at her new smile had arrived. Mya passed the mirror to Shah … she took one look and broke into a big, big smile!

She looked absolutely fabulous! We did it! We created a beautiful miraculous smile for Shah!

As I printed her the photos for her Makeover Album to take home, Shah said she couldn’t wait to show off her new smile to her family. No one had believed it could be done in just one day …. let alone in about 90 minutes!

I asked Shah to leave a comment when I posted her makeover … it would give people like her more confidence that a miraculous smile can be theirs too.

I have the best job in the world, don’t you agree?

I get to make people beautiful and have the confidence they deserve! …. And the best part is … I get to do this every day! 😉

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13 years ago

slm.. just wanna asked the payment to make over teeth?

13 years ago

Hi Dr Fay,

Thank you for everything! I was really impressed by
your magical skills. Not many dentists out there are
willing to discuss or suggest options to their patients.
I felt like the god has finally answered my prayers to
improved my smile… i was so lucky to find you through
your blog. May god bless you and gives you good health so that
you could continue to help others with those
magical hands.I will definately suggest you to others. Love ya!