The busy clinics during the last weeks of 2010

Wow! We have been busy! We’ve been working full steam in both clinics and Dr Nik, Dr Nurul, Dr Fatmatul and I are busy as bees! I hardly have had the time to post the makeovers (my apologies to you guys) and to keep up with the questions on the blog and ones sent directly to me by email!

We now have another associate dentist in the Menara EON Bank branch (whew!) She is Dr Fatmatul … I’ll post a picture of her  and write an introduction soon, I promise! She’s a very friendly and capable dentist that joined us mid December, just in time for the last minute crowd of patients that always come in at this time! 😉

Please note though …. yes, we are busy, but if you are in pain like Mas (see the latest comment on Services) we will still see you though you may have to wait a bit. We do understand that dental pain in not something planned …. so don’t lose heart OK … if it is an emergency, then well, you have every right to be seen by us as soon as we can find the time!

Amy, bless her, is doing a marvelous job juggling our schedules in the Menara EON Bank branch and staggering the support staff’s lunch break so everyone gets to be seen. She’s a wonderful young lady and very helpful.

I am blessed to have such a wonderful team in the Taman Melawati branch too who are also running at full steam with Hapiza manning the phone lines and juggling schedules there.

2010 is almost ending! Have a wonderful new year everyone! I hope each and every dream that is most dear to you is fulfilled in the cominf 2011!

Happy New Year from all of us in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah!

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