Mrs Goh takes her daughter’s advice

Mrs Goh before the magic wand did it's job

Mrs Goh’s daughter Angeline had visited us some time back and was impressed by the many ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos she saw on the digital photo frame in our waiting room.

She told her mum about us and encouraged Mrs Goh to make an appointment to close the gap in her front teeth.

When Mrs Goh came in I said, “Great! Did you know that it’s supposed to be bad Feng Shui to have a gap in your front teeth?”

Mrs Goh laughed and said she knew as her mother had often told her to do something about it but it was only when Angeline, her daughter, told her about the clinic that she dared do something about the gap.

No more gap and bad Feng Shui for Mrs Goh

I said, ” It’s the perfect time to get a new smile for the Chinese New Year! Not only do the Feng Shui masters say money flows easily out when you have a gap but as I close it, I’ll also create a more youthful smile , OK”

And so we got to work and in a very short time I handed Mrs Goh the mirror!

She loved it!!

Yes, the gap was gone and she looked younger too as her teeth were no longer chipped and worn!

Mrs Goh left happy and excited to show off her beautiful smile to Angeline!

Happy Chinese New Year, Mrs Goh … may the year of the Rabbit bring much prosperity to you!

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