Tanesha finally makes it to the clinic

Tanesha before

Tanesha found our Facebook Page ‘Dentist Malaysia’. She asked to squeeze her in for the last day of the year but in the end could not make the appointment after all!

You see, Tanesha is a model for traditional Indian clothing … she is the beautiful girl you see wearing the gorgeous sari in many advertisements seen in the Indian magazines.

In all her shoots Tanesha does not smile because she had an accident some time ago which left her with a discoloured and tilted tooth.

I told Tanesha that she needed just three cosmetic veneers to get her ideal smile … that’s all … and it would take less than an hour too!

As she settled down for the makeover, Vinosh, her friend who had come in to accompany her, excused himself to wait in the waiting room. He said he didn’t like the sound of the machines! 😉

I promised Tanesha that it was painless and I was excited to create for her a “Barbie doll” smile … Tanesha is so pretty she looks like an exotic Barbie doll!

When we finished, Tanesha took one look in the mirror and happily said, “Wow, I can’t wait for Vinosh to see this!”

She was smiling wide as Vinosh came in…. and yes, he loved Tanesha’s new smile.

If Barbie had teeth, she'd have Tanesha's new smile!

The best part was when Tanesha said, ” Now I can smile during my photo shoots and when I model the sari. Thank you! This has given me even more confidence!”

I love my job! I get to create beautiful people every day!! 😉

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