Aiman’s New Year Smile

Aiman after I took out his canine

Aiman is my son, Shanaz, school mate.

He asked me during Shanaz’ surprise birthday celebration last November if I could straighten his smile. He had a canine stuck up near his lip line and slightly crooked teeth as the remaining teeth just arraged themselves the best they could around the stuck tooth.

I checked with Aiman that his parents were OK with it, though technically he could make the decision to take out the tooth himself since he was way over 18 (he’s 20 years of age)!

When I saw him again at a Christmas Party he broached the subject of straightening his tooth again, so I told him to drop in for the necessary treatment.

He came in about two weeks ago and after re-checking in with him that his parents were OK with the treatment, I went ahead and took the canine out. I told Aiman to come back again to do the makeover.

So, today, Aiman and another school mate, Tushendra, came in for the makeover.

I checked the area and began to rev up my magic wand …. Tushendra asked what the blue light from the wand was for, and I joked, “It’s a magic wand … you see tomorrow Aiman’s eyes will turn blue!”

For a few seconds, Tushendra’s eyes glazed over as he contemplated seeing Aiman with blue eyes before he laughed, realising I was just pulling his leg in jest! 😉

I worked whilst Tushendra watched, fascinated with the whole process which took about 45 minutes. (I think… the wall clock had stopped at 4.50pm for some reason!)

Aiman with his new smile!

Once Aiman was ready for the magic mirror, I asked him if he had felt any pain at all. He shook his head indicating he was fine.

I passed him the mirror so he could see his new smile whilst warning him that he was going to be afflicted with an insane desire to check on his smile for the next few days … so he has to be careful to keep his eyes on the road when driving.

Tushendra was cracking up in laughter as he watched Aiman inspect his new smile!

Aiman looks great don’t you agree?

Now his girlfriend Tasha is going to have her smile beautified too!

I love my job! I have the best job in the world!! I get to create beautiful smile every single day!

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