Nadiah’s Makeover Lunchtime

Nadiah before

Nadiah doesn’t have a really bad smile … not at all! But she did have slightly uneven teeth and her canines looked really pointy.

She came in just about lunch time just before she had to go back for a meeting. I had about an hour to do both her upper teeth and the lower ones too!!

She said she felt her pointy teeth looked really weird so I told her to sit back whilst I wave my magic wand!

She asked me as she relaxed into the chair, “It won’t hurt, will it?” I laughed as I reassured her that it wouldn’t hurt a bit and she could be certain of it!

Very soon she was ready to see her new smile and yes! she loved it!

A very pretty smile for a very beautiful Nadiah

I think she does look good too …. don’t you agree?

Way to go Nadiah, you now have the beautiful smile you always wanted! 😉

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13 years ago

hi doc.
hi everyone.

first time i saw her my heart says, she doesnt look like a dentist at all. Funky corporate looking women. So i say to myself this better be good.

Yes indeed im so satisfied with her magic makeover.I love my smile now. Love to take my own picture with a big smile now. Well done Doc 🙂

Whoever out there still looking for a perfect dentist, here you go, you found one. She’s awesome! im glad i found you Doc *big grin with a perfect looking teeth*

Wil look forward to see you again!