Rohani and her beautiful stewardess-to-be daughter

Rohani and Nabila were all smiles!

Rohani was referred to us by her sister-in-law Norliza Kamal. It’s funny how we often end up getting whole families as patients … from daughters who refer their mums and even in-laws to each other.

Well Rohani came in with her very, very beautiful daughter who is about to go to Oman to be a stewardess. At first I thought it was Nabila who was there for the makeover, but it turned out that her mum, Rohani was going to have her makeover first!

Rohani did not like the gaps in her lower teeth. I told Rohani that I could easily fix them but I could be certain that once I did the gaps she’d want me to correct her upper teeth too!

So I persuaded Rohani ….. she didn’t need much persuading! 😉 … to do it all! I mean, if you wanna look good, you wanna look good ….. right!

Rohani before

I promised to finish everything in less than an hour and that she would have no regrets!

Nabila settled down with a magazine whilst I revved up my magic wand to transform her mum, Rohani.

I worked on the bottom teeth first as they were the more challenging parts of her transformation … in about half an hour I passed the mirror to Rohani for her first look at my ‘work-in-progress’.

Rohani couldn’t tell what I had done … even she couldn’t remember where the gaps were before her transformation! Very happy, she sat back for Phase 2, her upper teeth.

Rohani's transformed smile!!

Phase 2 was much easier. I just had to lengthen and straighten her front teeth, but there was one rotated canine that was going to be a bit of a challenge.

As I worked Rohani and I chatted about work and our kids. I spoke about how hard it was for me to part with my elder son who is studying in Kuantan. I joked about how Rohani was going to miss Nabila when she leaves for Oman.

It was a very enjoyable 45 minutes indeed! And before long, Rohani was ready to look in the mirror for her first glimpse of her transformed smile.

Rohani loved it!

As I printed out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for her Makeover Album I told her about the ‘penyakit’ or affliction all my makeover patients get after they see their new smile ….

They can’t stop looking at their new smiles for at least a few days! 😉

So as an antidote, I am planning to have a special pocket mirror commissioned, to give away, together with the Makeover Album.

Rohani thinks it’s a great idea! What do you think?

Keep smiling Rohani …. you look gorgeous!

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faezah, bnm
faezah, bnm
13 years ago

Excellent job done doc…always