We did it! Last Saturday we were awarded Business of the Year 2010!

Yes, we did it! Last Saturday night was the Client Awards Night for 2010 for clients of ActionCOACH Malaysia. It was held at the Park Royal Hotel and saw many clients of Action Coaches from all over Malaysia and their clients come for the Awards Night.

There were business owners from as far as Johor Bahru and Alor Star, many of whom were in the running for the different awards to recognise achievements in business. The categories were the Mastery Award, Niche Award, Leverage Award, Team Award, Synergy Award and the most prestigious Business of The Year Award for 2010 for Malaysia.

I had met ActionCOACH Jeevan Sahadevan way back in 2006. Klinik Pergigian Fauziah was already in business for 18 years at the time,  I wasn’t doing badly at all as a dentist!

I was doing what all dentists knew to do … give good dental treatment.

My amazing Coach and I with the coveted Award

But when Jeevan and I spoke, I began to realise that there was so, so much more to running a clinic than just giving good dental treatment! We talked about Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, how I kept in touch with the patients, how they came to know about me and my associates, what was unique about us, how do my patients get to give us feedback on the treatment provided, and the killer question ……. what did I see as the future for the Clinic.

I was amazed … wow! there was so much I did not look at and did not understand ….     I am a dentist, I knew how to fix teeth and make people beautiful …. but I did not begin to know how to reach out to people and tell them what we can do for them!

I  wanted Klinik Pergigian Fauziah to provide complete dental health and beauty for all through outstanding care and services. I wanted to create a Team of world-class leaders who provide a level of dental care where patients have absolutely no fear and are assured they get quality, efficient and personal care. I wanted each adult and child to experience that we genuinely care for them.

So back in 2006, Jeevan and I began to create, restructure, innovate and shape Klinik Pergigian Fauziah to what you see today. I even created our own computerised system (together with my partner-in-software Brij Dogra), MacDentist, that keeps every little detail current and even prints out the birthday cards, thank you cards and greeting cards!

We began the training of the Staff and celebrated every victory together … the entire Team went to Bandung, Indonesia together (yes, we closed both clinics for 4 days so we could ALL go) and this year we’re off to Vietnam!

So, so so many little steps over the last 4 years that have given us this giant leap forward! Steps in every conceivable area in business,  from innovative methods to ensure patients don’t forget to keep coming for their check-ups with the Telemarketing Department ….. right up to our social contribution to society few people know that we have been providing care for Special Needs patients for the last 22 years.

Last Saturday, Klinik Pergigian Fauziah was awarded and acknowledged by ActionCOACH, to be the Business Of The Year for 2010, Malaysia!

Yes, Team, we are No.1 !!!!

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