Amirul Aiman closes the gap

Amirul before

Amirul Aiman came into the clinic today with his mum Wan Rahimah. I had done a makeover for her some months back and ever since then, she had been trying to persuade Amirul to come in to close the gap in his front teeth.

Amirul had an accident 10 years ago when he was 8. He was at A’Famosa Water Park on a water slide when he whacked his face coming down and came up out of the water minus one front tooth!

Wan Rahimah kept the tooth all this while and had tried to persuade her son to see a dentist but he refused. It was only now that he had completed his secondary school and had a girlfriend, did his mum finally get him to come along to the clinic!

I told them that I could close the gap with Composite Veneers but I would still recommend crowns as Amirul was young and the gap very large!

However I said, it would be a great idea to fix the gap with composites first so Amirul gets used to the new smile …. you see Amirul wasn’t sure if he would like it, let alone if I could do it!

“Besides,” I said, “He can always get the teeth crowned later after the makeover.”

So, Amirul settled down whilst I worked.

Amirul half an hour later ... all smiles!

It didn’t take that long before I passed the mirror to Amirul. He let out a whoop of joy and salam-ed me, kissing my hand!

Wan Rahimah gave me a hug as she left … She was so, so happy to see Amirul finally close that gap!

I love my job!!! I get to make people happy every day! 😉

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