Visitors from Melbourne get their smiles done

Mudha before

Mudha and his beautiful wife Sudha were visiting from Melbourne. They were here for their annual holidays with their son when Sudha’s dad, Mr Gopalan, told them about his makeover.

Needless to say, Mudha made an appointment and both he and his wife took the commuter train from Mantin to come in for their makeovers.

You see, Mudha had been examined by a dentist in Melbourne and was told his teeth needed 5 visits to the dentist and a lot of money to get fixed! Though he had insurance coverage, he still had to come up with a lot of money to pay for the difference!

No more stains or gaps for Mudha!

Mudha had his teeth done first whilst Sudha and I chatted.

She also got to watch my cousin, Amir, get his Zoom! Whitening done on the next chair (thanks Amir for letting her watch) as she too wanted to do a Zoom! Whitening after her makeover but we were pressed for time ….

Zoom! Whitening takes us 90 minutes ( and not the usual 45 minutes) as we do a lot of extras to make sure you get really good results!

We talked about the difference in lifestyles living in Australia without a maid meant. Sudha is a nurse working with the elderly and medically handicapped patients. I told Sudha how I could imagine how tiring a job it was, as my mum was an occupational therapist and she often came home drained with exhaustion after work!

All Sudha need was 2 Veneers!

And now it was Sudha’s turn.

I examined Sudha and told her she needed a much shorter time to straighten out her teeth as she only needed 2 Composite Veneers!

I reassured her that it was going to be painless and totally easy so she settled in the chair whilst Mudha hogged the mirror, checking out his new smile!

Very soon Sudha too was ready for her first glimpse of her new smile!

She loved it!

Sudha now!

As I printed out their ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos for their Makeover Albums, Sudha was talking to Amy to lock in her next appointment …. she wanted to do her Zoom! Whitening before their flight back to Melbourne this Saturday!

I’m not surprised … Zoom! Whitening is less than 1/3 the price here compared to Australia! And it’s for the exact same procedure too!

See you both on Friday again, Mudha and Sudha! 🙂

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