Faridah and Yusoh get a surprise

Yusoh before the makeover

Faridah accompanied her husband, Yusoh, to the clinic as he needed an extraction. Yusoh was my father’s patient and hadn’t been in for a check up for more than 5 years! He had a tooth that had a huge cavity and he knew it was due to be removed.

They came in together … a lovely couple. Yusoh was understandably nervous and was happy to have Faridah with him.

I examined the tooth and told him that he did have to have it removed and whilst we waited for the tooth to get numb, I asked if we could also do his clean up and some fillings.

As I chatted with Faridah, I noticed she had a large gap between her front tooth! I just had to ask …. did she ever think of closing that gap?!!

Yusoh has a great smile now

I told her that it would be the perfect time as, since it was almost Chinese New Year, she’d start the Year of the Rabbit with no gap …. it was bad Feng Shui to have the gap, remember! 😉

Faridah said she did think of closing the gap but … well … since the only way she knew to do so was to do crowns or have braces put on, she didn’t think it was possible.

I laughed and said I’d do it for her … and it would take probably 1/2 an hour … tops!

Faridah before

But I said I’d also give Yusoh a makeover, too, as since she was going home with a new smile, it was only fair Yusoh gets one too!!

I started Yusoh’s makeover whilst Faridah looked on … I wanted her to be sure it was painless!

It didn’t take too long and both of them were thrilled!!

It was Faridah’s turn and she was all excited.

Doesn't Faridah look pretty?!

Yusoh was busy checking out his new smile in the mirror!! 😉

They both left the clinic with big smiles!

What a surprise … Yusoh comes in for an extraction and they both leave with lovely new smiles!

And yes, Yusoh, got his extraction … and that too was painless!

Have a lovely new year …. Faridah and Yusoh!

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