Adele’s Makeover

Adele before

Adele was referred to me by my lawyer friend and BNI Chapter member, Joachim.

Joachim was only slightly less nervous of dentist compared to Adele, so I guess it was after his visit to us last week that he was satisfied that this dental practice actually did not hurt their patients 😉 .

Joachim not only referred Adele, but as an added good deed, he accompanied the very frightened Adele to the clinic!

Adele needed quite a bit of work. She had to have a bottom tooth that was bothering her fixed and need to do something about the discoloured tooth in front too. .. She wanted to crown both.

We took an x-ray and found that Adele had already done her root treatment, even though Adele had no recollection of doing that tooth …. ah, that made the job so much easier! I just needed to place a post and crown it, now.

Adele's transformed smile

As there was no time to do the crown on the spot … the first (of two visits) needs at least 1 1/2 hours … I opted to place the post so the tooth root will be strengthened, and do a composite veneer first. Her crown appointment will be after the Chinese New Year break.

Adele started to relax as we worked … she wasn’t in pain and got used to the sounds! … so she sat back and I began to replace some fillings that were discoloured and give the front tooth a composite veneer.

When it was time for the magic mirror, Adele was in for a surprise! She broke into a big, big, smile and let out a delighted giggle!

I joked with Joachim as I handed the Makeover Album with the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos in them, “And here’s the photographic evidence of the Transformation, Yang Ariff”

Both Adele and Joachim were laughing as they left the clinic.

I love my job! 😉

Don’t forget your appointment for the crown, Adele! I know you’re going to be much less afraid next time!

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