Rabihah gets ready for studies in Australia

Rabihah needed quite a bit of work

Rabihah found this blog whilst searching for ways to get a makeover for her rather uneven teeth. She wrote to me some time back as she wanted to know if she could do her makeover before she left to study Pharmacy in Australia next month.

I got Amy to sort out her appointment for her as soon as possible. Today was the day! Rabihah didn’t come alone, she had her course-mate Azreen and Yana to accompany her.

After talking for a bit with Rabihah, I asked if she was sure she wanted the makeover … that was when she told me she had come all the way from Trengganu and her parents were all for it.

Doesn't Rabihah look pretty?!

I asked Azreen and Yana to come in to watch the whole process rather than wait in the sitting room, so we got to chat about going abroad to study, whilst I worked.

It turned out that Azreen was about to go to New Zealand to study Veterinarian Sciences … I quipped that she will certainly be an expert on sheep when she comes back seeing that there are more sheep than humans in New Zealand!! 😉

It took only 45 minutes to do Rabihah’s upper teeth (and yes , it was painless!) with Azreen and Yana encouraging her on the side lines, but it was when I passed her the mirror that Rabihah really got excited.

The three friends were all smiles

I started on the lower teeth, which always is a little tricky, and in a short time, Rabihah was ready to have everything balanced out and polished to a beautiful shine.

I reminded her that she had to watch out for stones, bones, wood and metal rods … normal food (we usually don’t eat stones, bones etc ….) is fine.

Rabihah could come in any time for the usual maintenance work, like scaling and polishing … the best part is if she does manage to chip the veneers they can be easily repaired by any dentist, even in Australia, as I have already shaped and created the new smile!

Rabihah was thrilled and so were Azreen and Yana.After I printed the Makeover Album with her ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, the three girls let me take a photo of them.

Good luck, Rabihah! I hope you thoroughly enjoy studying in Australia …. remember to smile a lot! 😉

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10 years ago

Assalamualaikum Dr!!! Thankssss a lot! hehe now i have prettier teeth n smile 😛 And the process was painless too!! U r a great doctor, n so do ur other nurses hehe. I’ll definitely recommend u to my friends =)