Hasimah gets her new smile

Hasimah was not used to smiling for the camera!

Hasimah is one of those daughters any mother always wishes for.

She is the only daughter of an elderly, wheel-chair bound lady who had been a patient of my father’s! Her mother has been visiting the clinic to get new dentures and Hasimah dutifully brings her for all her dental appointments whilst juggling her already busy schedule at work.

You see Hasimah works in a training facility in Genting …. that’s easily an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur which means she has to get leave from work each time to allow her to shuttle her wheel-chair bound mother from her home to the clinic every few days. …. imagine the strain on Hasimah … rushing back through the KL traffic to get her mum to the clinic but she does it with so much love and care.

Today, after her mum’s final appointment, it was Hasimah’s turn.

A beautiful smile for Hasimah

I asked her if she would let me give her a new smile.

Hasimah had no idea that I specialised in cosmetic dentistry … she just thought I was a regular dentist that was going to do new dentures for her mum and some general dental work for her. 😉

I was excited to do a good deed for this amazing lady.

I have so much respect for how she dutifully cares for her mum and wanted her to go home today feeling great and feeling special…. something she so deserves!

Whilst her mother sat in her wheel chair by her side, we revved up the magic wand and sprinkled some extra magic … it took just 20 minutes to transform Hasimah’s smile.

Hasimah couldn’t believe her eyes!

She kept peeking at the mirror after as I laughed and teased her, “There are two set backs when you get a beautiful smile from us … first, you got to be careful when you drive home because you’ll keep looking into the mirror … keep your eyes on the road, OK! And second, you’ll bounce out of bed tomorrow morning to check in the mirror again that it wasn’t all a dream!!”

We both cracked up laughing.

Enjoy your new smile, Hasimah, you so deserve it!

I love my job …. I get to create beautiful smiles every single day!

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13 years ago

Dear Dr Fauziah,

Thank you for a fantastic great job! I’d never dream I could enjoy my smile better than the last two decades… and enjoy my favourite food as well. Hope you enjoy your hols in Bali, ya.

Thank you so much once again…