Ellysa’s beautiful smile

That crooked tooth is actually an extra tooth!

Ellysa works with her husband in a construction firm. She hails from Kelantan and has set up house and home here in Kuala Lumpur.

A mother of 4, Ellysa came in yesterday with her husband after finding this blog on the net.

When I first examined Ellyssa I sighed …. Ellysa wanted (in her words) “make three teeth look like two!” and looked confidently at me … she knew I could do it.

I sighed because she had a very large supernumery … that’s ‘extra tooth’ in dentist-talk 😉 … betweeen her front teeth and the supernumery had shifted her left front tooth to one side!

Sigh …. I told her that yes, I could do it … in fact there were several ways but, the best way is to take out that extra tooth first so I had space to ‘make her three teeth look like two!’

I did a mock-up for her first without taking out the extra tooth, to show her why she needed to say farewell to it … the makeover would not look as nice!

Ellysa was afraid that taking out the tooth would hurt! I reassured her it wouldn’t be painful at all, so after a quick look at her husband who was waiting by her side, she nodded the OK.

Taking out the extra tooth was no problem at all … Ellysa was fine and quite excited once it was done!

Ellysa looks so different!

I told Ellysa that though most dentists would tell her to wait up to 2 weeks for the wound to heal, I will go ahead and do the composite veneers as I didn’t have the heart to let her go home with a HUGE gap where the tooth used to be!

I explained to her that the problem for me now was working with a still bleeding area (though I stopped the bleeding as much as possible!) …. blood is like grease … it makes my bonding agents much weaker, and the composite may change colour because of the blood.

So I promised Ellysa that I will re-do everything again for her in  a few weeks once the wound has healed … I promised to give her the smile she wanted before she left the clinic, and re-do it all again for no charge to make sure it is done well!

That was a kinder option than telling her to go home with a big gap just because the bleeding made my job harder.

So I began to craft Ellysa’s new smile … It took a much longer time than the usual 45 minutes as I had to deal with the blood and shape her teeth so they would look natural at the same time … yikes!

At last it was done!

I gave the magic mirror to Elyssa and both she and her husband loved it!

Once her upper teeth were done, she wanted me to straighten and close the gaps of her lower teeth … that’s the next visit!

As they left I reminded them both again … no stones, bones and metal rods … and I’ll see them again after the holidays! I’m going away for a much needed holiday in Bali, for some surfing and shopping .. No diving this time.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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