Closing the gap for Yasmin

Yasmin after Zoom! but before the makeover

Yasmin is an amazing lady that runs a kindergarten for kids in KL. She also home schools her 4 kids!! Wow!

It probably is because Yasmin has a degree in Early Enrichment Education that has her so successful in teaching very young children. I was amazed that her school has besides many, many ‘normal’ kids, some children with special needs. There are kids diagnosed with Autism, Down’s Syndrome and Global Delay Syndrome too.

Yasmin came in for a Zoom! Whitening and to close the gap between her front teeth. Maya, her eldest girl … such an adorable 9 year-old … had her own teeth checked and filled whilst mum settled down for her day at the dentist … yes, it was a girls’-day-out!

I did the Zoom! Whitening first so we’d get the final colour to match the Composite Veneers. I explained to Yasmin that I’d do the Whitening procedure first which took 90 minutes as I did the usual preparations and did the extra 4th whitening cycle.

“Most clinics only do 3 cycles but we routinely do the extra cycle to give you the extra brightness!” I told Yasmin.

After the Zoom! Whitening was done, Yasmin took a short break before I continued with her makeover.

A super-white and brilliant smile

Maya sat besides us (she had finished her treatment) and chatted with me as I worked … I was encouraging her to become a dentist! It’s such a fun job!! 😉

Very soon, Yasmin was ready …. She looks good, don’t you agree?

Well, Maya thinks her mum looks beautiful, too!

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