Raihan’s makeover

Raihan had badly done and discloured fillings

Raihan works in the Statistics Department in Putrajaya. Before the Chinese New Year holidays, she came in for a check-up and to discuss the possible treatment plans as she needed quite a bit of work.

After writing out a detailed plan, we opted to start off with a makeover for her front teeth first, before tackling the other much needed treatment.

Today was the day! Soft spoken Raihan came in smack on time for her makeover.

I took a lot longer than the usual 45 minutes …. Raihan’s gums were rather easy to bleed! I explained to her it was because the fillings she had earlier, which were so badly done, that they had irritated her gums. The slightest touch had her gums bleed like she was having surgery!

It was such a challenge to get her composite veneers done neatly … and this was so, so important to her gums getting healthy again.

You see, it’s like a catch-22 … I need to do neat work but the bleeding made it hard to keep it neat, as blood is like a mucus that not only makes my bonding agents (that’s the glue that I use) weak but also disturbs my magic wand!! Raihan's beautiful smile ...All nice and neat

At last, I was done … well, I am satisfied that it was neat and smooth enough for her gums to get healthy so it won’t bleed during stage two … her next visit … and I promised I would correct any discolouration for free (if need be) when she returns.

Raihan was such an angel … and it was such a great feeling to see her new smile when we finally finished!

Way to go Raihan … smile and enjoy the new you!

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