Iffa travels from Penang for her makeover

Iffa before the magic wand

Iffa is a Biomedical Engineer in Penang. She found us through this blog … she had wanted to sort out the gap between her teeth but didn’t want to wear braces for two long years!

I am so glad more and more people are beginning to be aware there are options available to close gaps like these in a much faster and simpler way .

She came into the clinic with her friend Nadirah who was more nervous than she was. It took a little coaxing to have Nadirah come in to accompany Iffa though she too had traveled all the way from Penang. 😉

I laughed when Iffa asked whether I could close the gap …

“For sure! It’s so easy and it would probably take just a few minutes“, I said. I offered to do a mock-up … that is do the makeover without any preparation of her teeth first so she could see what she’d look like with the gap was closed, but Iffa said she didn’t need to … she just wanted me to go ahead immediately.

Doesn't Iffa look so different now?

Wow! I am so humbled when people place so much confidence in me … I am humbled by the fact that Iffa was very sure I was going to make her smile beautiful, purely from seeing other work I have done in this blog and reading the many comments and testimonials … I am so blessed.

With that confidence given to me, I was even more determined … Iffa was going to leave the clinic beaming!

Whilst we worked Iffa told me her boss back in Penang General Hospital knew me and sent his regards. When I asked how her boss got to know she was coming to see me, she said he had asked her why she was taking leave from work to travel all the way to Kuala Lumpur to see a dentist when there were plenty in Penang … Iffa had to travel some 500 km to come to the dental clinic for her makeover!

As I worked I told Iffa to make sure Nadirah gets her makeover as well, I asked Iffa to prove to Nadirah that the whole procedure was absolutely painless and so fast, Nadirah wouldn’t have time to be scared!

And sure enough in half an hour Iffa was ready for the mirror … yes, she loved it!

Imagine this … Iffa’s makeover took just 2 Composite Veneers and about half an hour! That’s less than 10% of what she would have to pay if she had done braces … and in no time at all compared to 2 years of braces!

I reminded Iffa to not eat stones, bones and metal rods and of course don’t tear open plastic wrappers with her teeth! Her usual day-to-day routine of brushing her teeth and 6-monthly check ups were all that was necessary to make sure she keeps her new smile brilliant!

Now, next will be Nadirah’s turn! 😉

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