Rosmarina’s beautiful smile

Rosmarina before

Rosmarina googled for a dentist in November and found this blog. Reading the many posts and comments, Rosmarina still didn’t quite believe that a makeover for her would be possible.… she wrote to me and I answered (I can’t remember exactly when .. I answer so many queries on this blog and through emails!) and then made her appointment.

Today, the very pretty young lady who works in the Statistics Department, came in for her makeover!

I got really excited as I knew I could really make a difference to her smile … why I say that is because Rosmarina’s gaps between her teeth were really more because her teeth were squarish! They were actually well positioned … the problem was she had too small teeth in her jaws!

Her side profile

I feel braces won’t really do the job in her case ( I explained this to her) as even if she had her teeth pulled together, the shape of her teeth wouldn’t be as nice … the best options were either to crown them ร‚ย … and that would be rather costly … or to do composite veneers which would mean about 1/3 of the cost!

Rosmarina though nervous was ready for the magic wand … and I was so happy to wave it for her.

I took many ‘before’ photos as I wanted her to have a record of the makeover and with Rosmarina’s permission, to post this particular makeover on the blog.

Isn't Rosmarina's smile just gorgeous?!!

The reason why Rosmarina’s case is perfect ร‚ย for composite veneering is, in my opinion, the results would be so, so, so much better than if she opted for braces.

We started after I assured her that it would be absolutely painless … I promised!!

We chatted as we worked. At the half way point, I asked her if she’d like to see how it was progressing. Rosmarina shook her head and said, “No. Just finish it up! I don’t want to see until it’s all done.”

Wow … I am always humbled by patients total trust in me … I resolved to not let her down … I resolved to do my level best for this young lady.

She's so pretty!

I finished up her left side and spent a little extra time polishing everything to a beautiful shine, and ever so often, I kept checking with her that she was OK and had no pain … she kept giving me the thumbs up … she was fine!

At last it was time for her first look at the new gorgeous smile!

With great flourish, Ayu, the dental assistant passed her the mirror … Rosmarina took her first look and smiled!

That is always the sweetest moment for me … when the patient sees herself for the first time … it is an emotional moment indeed.

Rosmarina before

After telling her that she can eat anything … except stones/bones/wood/metal ๐Ÿ˜‰ … I told Rosmarina she just needed to see a dentist 3 or twice a year for her normal check-ups and scaling.

I reminded her that we had a 100% guarantee on the composite veneers … she can go ahead and eat anything she normally eats and we will do any adjustments for free for a whole month … she really needn’t worry and ‘be careful’ but just eat normally.

I printed out all the photos for her makeover albums … she got 3! … and emailed her the photos for good measure.

And after the magic wand does it's stuff

We hugged as we said goodbye .. and I reminded her that Amy will be calling tomorrow just to answer any questions she may have forgotten to ask us … you know how it is, we get so excited that any questions we have flies out of the window until later in the day when we get home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes … these are un-touched photos taken by my iPhone.

Yes … it was painless.

Yes … it took less than an hour.

Yes … I love my job …. I get to create beautiful smiles every single day!

PS: My apologies, Rosmarina, I didn’t post this before 10pm as promised . I got caught up sending my son Shamir to tuition and had to wait for him. Enjoy your smile!

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13 years ago

The old me vs new me :))
Thanks to Dr. Fauziah for this miracle. I thought its possible for me to get beautiful smile before but less than an hour, i got such beutiful teeth & its really makes my day. Dr. Fauziah, u are great person i ever meet. I cried all the way back thinking of my new teeth. Now, i keep smiling and its makes me happier than ever. Thanks to u Dr. Fauziah. Much love for you :))