Adam gets persuaded to do his makeover

En Adam wanted to look 'normal'

En Adam came in today looking more than a little nervous! This Consultant Quantity Surveyor obviously was not comfortable visiting the dentist, so I asked him what he wanted me to do … actually it came out as,” Why did you come to the clinic, En Adam?”

He answered with a grin, “Because I am afraid of my wife!” … we both started laughing!

En Adam’s wife, Siti Zuriah had come in for a makeover on the 25 February ( I did not post the pics of her makeover though!) and En Adam wanted … in his words … to look ‘normal’.

“Look ‘normal’! Are you sure you don’t want me to make you look gorgeous like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?” I teased.

He laughed and said,” No, just make my smile look ‘normal’ and with no pain.”

To this I just had to say, “OK … so you want the ‘No Pain Option’ .. that’s easy! I usually do the makeovers with no pain … for pain I have to charge you extra!

With that, we started and gradually En Adam began to relax …. it really was painless as his wife had assured him.

In about 45 minutes, En Adam was ready for the magic mirror … with great drama I passed it to him.

Not quite Tom Cruise ... but close!

He broke out into a big smile! So I asked, “So, En Adam, was it painful?” He shook his head .. “So I guess I can’t charge extra after all!”

I printed out his before and after photos and said goodbye … one last question from En Adam, “Can I eat bones?”

Again I laughed,” You can eat anything but bones, stones, wood and metal … there’s a 100% guarantee for a month!”

“A month?” he asked, “Why a month?”

I told him with a grin,” Well, a month’s about 100 times of eating … If I did a bad job you’d know within days! So a month is plenty of time. … I do all repairs for free during that time.”

With that En Adam pretended to bite the corner of my wall, laughed, and left.

What a different person he was from when he first came in!

I love my job … I get to make people happy …

and I get to change their view about dentists and dentistry every day! 😉

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