Jamil’s new smile

Jamil's uneven teeth before

Jamil works for a government body as technical support staff. He had been recommended to have his teeth checked by his colleagues when he told them he hadn’t seen a dentist since he was in school!

Jamil didn’t need much treatment as he is blessed with extremely healthy teeth … but as his teeth were a little big for his jaws … the arrangement of his teeth ended up .

This meant it was harder than normal to keep his teeth free from plaque … that coupled with Jamil not seeing a dentist for several years, meant that all Jamil needed was a good clean-up to rid him of calculus.

After I was done, Jamil asked about making his teeth look more even.

I told him that he had two options: the first would take about half an hour … the second would take two years!

It was pretty easy to figure which option Jamil chose!! 😉

Jamil was delighted with his new smile!

He asked the questions everyone asks … ‘Is it painful? Does it really only take minutes? Are there side effects?’ … everyone has the same concerns!!

I told him that it wasn’t painful … yes, it will take just half an hour as I was only going to do the top teeth this appointment …. and no, there are no bad side effects!!!

Just a lot of good ones like being happy, having a huge boost in confidence … and smiling a lot more than usual! 😉

So we started and just look at Jamil’s new smile!

He does look good, don’t you agree?

Jamil’s already booked in to straighten up his lower teeth!! Yay!

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