Lynn finally gets a confident smile

Lynn before

Lynn is a trainer. She conducts seminars on how to manage your money and create wealth from the money you already earn. … and she is very good at it, too!

As a trainer, Lynn is often in front of people, talking and coaching. The problem was Lyn was self-concious of her smile …. as a result of being self-concious she very seldom smiles and looks very serious all the time … she actually is quite a fun person!

Lynn had seen pictures of makeovers done in this clinic several times and heard numerous testimonies, that it did not hurt and that it took less than an hour … despite this, Lynn still was hesitant to do a makeover for herself.

Yesterday, Lynn took the plunge … she has an up-coming seminar and was determined to finally get a confident smile before she got up on stage again.

All whitened and ready for the makeover

I  recommended Zoom! Whitening before doing just two Composite Veneers to correct the cross bite on her left side … that was all she needed. The whole procedure could be done in a single visit.

Lynn took a deep breath and said OK … so we started.

The Zoom! Whitening came first.  That took about 90 minutes as I did a complimentary scaling and polishing first then came the pre-whitening procedures. It makes sense to whiten her teeth before matching the new colour for her composite veneers.

Once her teeth were whitened, Lynn was ready for the makeover …This was the easy part!

Lynn sat back and within minutes was ready for the magic mirror again.

Smiling with confidence!

What a difference!

I reminded Lynn that she had to stay away from coloured food (like tomato sauce, kicap etc) for just two hours and to apply the ACP gel that came with the Zoom! kit so she wouldn’t feel too much sensitivity.

This morning when I saw her at a meeting, Lynn was proudly showing off her new smile to another friend of ours … yes she was smiling wide and confidently!

Yay! Lynn, I can’t wait to see you in action during your next seminar!

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13 years ago

Hi Dr, after bleaching, how long will the teeth stays white? Thank you.