Betty and Farrah get dazzling smiles

Betty did her Zoom! first and managed to chat during the procedure!

Betty had done her makeover some years back. She had wanted to get her teeth whitened but the busy lady that runs her own boutique and also acts in dramas, just hadn’t found the time until today.

She came in with her good friend Farrah who also had done her makeover recently.

The two good friends decided to do their Zoom! Whitening together … I told them it was a great idea as they could be a support for each other during the procedure which would take about 120 minutes and during the after-procedure time … they could compare notes!

The Zoom! Bleaching Procedure is normally only 45 minutes long … that is 3 cycles of 15 minutes each. But we routinely do 4 cycles of whitening (an extra boost which is complimentary) this means our Whitening will take longer.

On top of that we also have a strict “No Pink” Policy where we isolate the teeth completely so the whole procedure is safe and ONLY the teeth get in contact with the whitening gel. This takes me at least 15 extra minutes to do!

… Then of course, is the complimentary scaling done before we even start … and the after-whitening procedures too…. hence the whole Zoom! takes about 120 minutes.

Whilst Farrah had her turn, Betty worked on her laptop.

It was just great that the two friends were going to do it together … they kept each other company though both were busy ‘chatting’ when they couldn’t talk! 😉

Once Betty had finished … and I did the complimentary touch ups on her veneers as her teeth were so much whiter now!

Farrah took a deep breath and settled down on the chair … it was her turn! We started with the Vitamin-E lip spa, then the ‘No Pink’ policy procedures.

Betty settled down by her side, did some work on her laptop whilst she waited and had a snack too.

Before too long, Farrah was done! We applied the Relief ACP so she the post-operative sensitivity would be at a minimum and told both of them to “please do not eat any coloured food” just for today.

The two young ladies left smiling wide and comparing smiles.

My only regret is I forgot to take a photo of the two of them smiling with their new dazzling smiles!

Yes, they put new meaning to the adage “Good things are best shared”

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