Fara gets her smile in time for her engagement!

Fara had plenty of gaps and a locked tooth

Fara has waited patiently for me to have the time to do her makeover … you see Fara is actually one of my nurses!

Every single day, Fara assists me to create beautiful smiles for patients … imagine this, every day she watches me wave my magic wand and transform smiles … every single day! … and we never have had the space to do her makeover.

After 3 months (she started working with me in November) I told Fara, “Looks like the only way we’re going to get this done is for you to make an appointment!” Yep, Fara, my own nurse had to make an appointment (poor dear).

Today was yet another busy day … I had the usual ‘drop ins’ who I had to squeeze into the already full schedule … it is the school holidays after all!

Fara's locked tooth

Plus, we had an unscheduled wisdom tooth surgery that I didn’t have the heart to turn away …. if I didn’t do him today, he’d have to suffer some more … duh, it’s times like today I wish I could clone myself and do 3 patients at a time.

At last we started … Fara sat back and was the perfect patient!

Fara is the quiet nurse in the clinic. She always smiles and patiently assists me without uttering a word. She’s such a darling!

Ayu, my other nurse was assisting and kept teasing Fara. Amy, our Clinic Manager and head nurse drifted in and out of the area giving Fara a commentary of what was going on … as if Fara didn’t know exactly what I was doing! … she has assisted me so many times doing the very same thing. 😉

What a pretty smile!

In fact only two days ago, we did a similar procedure for Sam, except his tooth was sticking up above the other teeth unlike Fara’s tooth that was locked behind her teeth. Fara was the nurse that assisted me during Sam’s makeover!

Before too long, Fara’s makeover was done and I had completed her veneers and the temporary bridge.

Ayu passed her the mirror and this time it was Fara who gasped in delight.

She loved it!

We were tired … it had been a long, long day … Ayu started cleaning up and said,”Fara, quick, get moving … we need to clean up!”

But Fara was busy admiring her new smile! I laughed and said, “Ayu, let her be … she has to check out her new smile! Don’t worry Fara, we’ll do the clean up … you just enjoy the new You!” and we all laughed!

No more 'locked' tooth!! Yay!

It was such a happy moment!

I teased Fara, “Tomorrow you are going to jump out of bed to check that the makeover was not a dream!”

We left the clinic just now at 6:30pm … we were tired but very happy …

Fara’s engagement is set for next weekend … she’s going to look radiant!

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