The Power of Prayer

Omar and his friends

My son Omar Shahbir has been fencing for 2 years. He took up the sport as he wanted to lose weight, learn to think strategically and learn to be cool under pressure. Fencing has been his life!

Omar used to carry his huge bag filled wit his fencing gear, mask, pants, vest, shoes, at least 3 weapons, his tool kit, etc etc 4 times a week to school along with his school bag then after school carry everything to Ampang Fencing Centre to train …. yes almost everyday for 2 years!

He became a familiar figure in his school and was teased by curious friends … “Omar lari dari rumah ke?” … did you run away from home 😉 was one of questions he’d get.

Last Thursday, Omar had to come back by taxi as I had a late meeting.

He placed his bag in the boot of the taxi and travelled back home but on arriving he paid the taxi driver whilst still in the car, got out and then the taxi sped off! His bag was still in the boot!

Omar ran after the taxi, shouting for him to stop, but the taxi just drove away!

We made a police report, giving the taxi’s number plate and explaining that there were valuable sporting equipment and 4 swords in the bag … Omar was devastated! All his fencing gear was gone!

I told Omar not to worry … there was a bag tag with our address and Omar’s number on it. The taxi driver will eventually find the bag and open it … he couldn’t miss the tag … he’d send it back.

That evening I prayed for the bag’s return and placed on Facebook, a post, telling my friends of what happened and asked them to pray too. … many responded saying that they will pray for it to be returned.

Today we got a call saying that the taxi was spotted in Wangsa Maju. The driver was no where to be seen so my friend said that his friend was waiting a little distance away on his motorcycle watching for the driver.

My eldest son rushed to the spot, and there was the taxi driver, bent over the taxi engine changing a flat battery. Shanaz confronted him and sure enough the bag was still in the taxi boot … the taxi driver said he didn’t notice the bag tag …….and was scared that the bag had a bomb in it!

What a miracle!

I don’t know which was more amazing/miraculous … that the taxi driver thought it was a bomb, but kept it in the boot of his car, and drove around KL with passengers for 4 days OR that the taxi had broken down, and kept still long enough on one place for a friend’s friend to spot it, with enough time for my son to drive there to confront the taxi driver!

Wow! I prayed for the miraculous return and my friends joined in with me … together a miracle happened today!

Thank you God! Thank you to all my friends too … together we proved the Power of Prayer!

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