Jason finally summons up courage

Jason before we revve up the magic wand
Jason before we revved up the magic wand

Nah … I’m kidding … Jason has no problems with fear … not in the least! Jason, is the founder of Rebel Boot Camp, a super fit ex-international competition level kickboxer (he represented Ireland).

I met Jason many years ago through BNI, the word-of-mouth referral organization that I have belonged to for the past 10 years … back then Jason managed Gold’s Gym, where you’d see me sweating it out especially in my favourite Body Pump class.

I kept in touch with Jason through out the years and recently asked him to advise me on buying gym equipment for my boys and I.

Yes, my three boys are heavy into their own sports … my eldest runs marathons and enjoys long boarding, my second loves fencing and my third son could be found on the basketball courts… and I, well, I like scuba diving and would like to join my son running marathons (wishful thinking right now!) 😉

Anyways, when I called Jason he said he was due for a check up and wanted to know about the makeovers he keeps hearing about. We set up an appointment for him to be the last patient of the day, before he was to follow me back home, to check out the gym-to-be in my home and advise us on the equipment.

Ah, Jason, my old friend, was in for a surprise!!

Jason's new smile!

We started off with a quick clean-up …. then it was time to rev up the magic wand.

It was done in less than an hour … we chatted and laughed through out the session. He’s one funny guy!

Jason couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked in the mirror!

Yes it took less than an hour …. but getting him into the clinic took years!!! 😉

Jason, thank you for taking the time to meet my boys and discuss what they want. You are indeed a dear friend!

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