Seung Sem’s beautiful smile

Sem before

Seung Sem is an undergraduate from University Malaya. She had surfed the web to look for a dentist as she had a gap (diastema) that she wanted to close.

Sem came in with her best friend, Hani, who was kind enough to drive her to the clinic from campus.

I teased Sem when she came in because apparently Hani had no idea that Sem was coming in for a makeover … Sem had found this blog and read up many of the posts and comments on the FAQ page before deciding to make the appointment.

Sem's side profile

I offered to do a mock-up for Sem first so she would see how the end result would look like …  I use the same composite material and shape everything on the teeth … but because I don’t do any preparation on the teeth first, the mock-up veneers can be easily removed.

The whole idea is that Sem (and anyone else too) will get to see the makeover smile before she decides to go ahead with the composite veneers!

Yes … I do waste the material and I end up doing everything twice, but, well, I really rather my patients be totally confident when they make their decision to change their smile.

See Ma no gap!!

The makeovers are life changing after all!

It took me 45 minutes … yes, to do it twice!

And it really, really wasn’t painful.

You see, composite veneers in my opinion, are the kindest procedure to close gaps because we do so little damage to your teeth as compared to crowns or porcelain veneers … the preparation is really very (in dental speak) conservative … that is we only lightly prepare the teeth first.

And you could always opt for the more expensive crowns or porcelaine veneers at a later date if you want. …. Composite veneers look as good as crowns but are cheaper, easy to do, totally painless and yet are permanent too.

A pretty smile for Sem

Just look at Sem’s new smile … she certainly loved her makeover! 😉

I printed out her ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for her complimentary Makeover Album and for good measure, bluetooth-ed all the photos to her mobile phone too!

Sem … keep smiling … and don’t be afraid to eat all your normal food, OK, the composite veneers have a 100% guarantee for 1 month … that’s easily 100 times of chomping on your meals!

I love my job!!

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