Joanna travels from Singapore

Joanna was concerned about her chipped lower tooth

Joanna, a vivacious Singaporean, who works in communications. She was talking about seeing a dentist when her colleague showed her a makeover album with ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics of her own makeover!

Joanna called the clinic, set up an appointment and booked air tickets into KL so she could fly in just to get her makeover done! Wow!! She flew in, took a cab to the clinic and told us her plane back to Singapore was at 3pm!!

Joanna’s appointment was for a whitening as well but as we spoke, she said she just had a whitening done in Singapore 2 weeks ago but was a little disappointed with the results. I told her that it probably would be better to wait for 2 or 3 months before doing the Zoom! Whitening … it would be wiser to not stress out her teeth just yet!

I told her I was going to make them ALL look straight

I asked her how much she paid for the Whitening in Singapore and she said she paid S$1250!! Wow! That’s incredible! We charge S$715!!! That’s RM1700 to what she paid which was RM2973!! It certainly is worth the trip to KL!

I told her that her makeover was only going to take 5 Composite Veneers and if she liked she could always do the more expensive Porcelain Veneers or Porcelain Crowns later … but I recommended the Composite Veneers as they needed very little preparation on the teeth (that’s why they don’t hurt and you don’t need injections!) and the finish makeover looked as good as Porcelain.

The only drawback is they are fillings, so they have the same possible problems like discolourations and breakages after several years… but having said that, I seldom have patients coming back with major problems. Besides, any problems are easily fixed by her local dentist as I have already done the main work … it’s creating it which is the key!

Joanna looks awesome now

I told her that I give a 100% guarantee on all the work for a whole month … usually only minor adjustments need to be done, if at all … and as she had travelled from Singapore, I will make extra, extra, extra precautions to make sure she won’t be able to damage the veneers easily.

I did a mock-up for her and when Joanna saw what she was going to look like, she said, “Wow! Yes!!”

It hardly took an hour so with plenty of time, I did all the other little non-makeover stuff that she needed … at RM80 a filling it was so much more cheaper than Singapore prices 😉

When we finished, we called for a cab to take Joanna back to the airport, and I printed out Joanna’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for her own album.

and it only took one short visit to get this smile too

As we said our goodbyes, Joanna said she was rushing back to attend her niece’s birthday party !

Joanna, keep smiling! You are such a lovely lady!

It was a pleasure to meet you … thank you for your trust and faith in me and my magic wand!

See you in a few months!

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