Azee’s makeover

It wasn't easy to get Azee to smile ... she wasn't used to it!
It wasn't easy to get Azee to smile ... she wasn't used to it!

Azee works for a leading telecommunications provider in Malaysia. She came in looking less than perky. Azee said she was feeling a little ill but wanted to do her makeover anyway. She was sniffling a little bit. I asked her if she had seen the doctor. She said she had earlier that morning and said she probably was so nervous that she fell ill!

I laughed and said that I promised that she will feel great after the makeover!

I thought it would be best to show her what she would look like after the makeover so we did her mock-up first. She looked lovely!

Azee wanted to talk to her husband first before proceeding with the makeover … so I offered to take a photo of the mock-up. This way she could MMS the photo to her husband. Don’t you love the technology we have these days?!

Now Azee is smiling!

The photo of the mock-up can be instantly sent to her husband so he could see it for himself too. Wow!!

After a few minutes, Azee said to go ahead … her husband couldn’t remember that she had a gap! 😉

We started immediately with the top teeth whilst I prattled on about why I love doing the makeovers. I told her I love doing composite veneers because they made such a huge difference to people’s smiles and they were kind to the teeth (I need do very little preparation compared to when crowns are done), they’re much cheaper and totally painless.

As I worked, Azee told me that she initially wanted to do braces and whilst surfing the net stumbled onto this blog. Her husband didn’t like the idea of braces, but was fine with her doing the veneers.

We finished in less than an hour and soon it came to the best part … Azee gets to see her new smile for the first time!

And she loved it!

This time when I took the photo of her with her new smile, she could grin happily!

I love my job!! I get to make people happy every day … and yes, Azee didn’t seem to be sick anymore either! 😉

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