Laila’s Dream Smile

Laila's before

Laila is a web designer. She’s a petite young lady that at first glance looks like a pretty doll. She said she was surfing the internet when she found this blog.

What a stroke of luck it was because Laila had almost the same smile as Farra, my nurse, had … remember, Farra had her makeover done just before her engagement last month … so Farra could give Laila first-hand information about her makeover!

It was so hard getting Laila’s “Before” photos. The pretty young miss was obviously not used to smiling for the camera … even though I was just using my iPhone, I had to take several shots before I could get a clear picture!

The front tooth had shifted into the space where the other tooth was supposed to be … hmmm, this meant we also needed to make the two front teeth look the same size even though there wasn’t enough space!

Pretty Laila looks so different with her beautiful smile!

We opted to do a bridge for Laila as that would be the simplest and most cost effective and fastest way. So Laila went home with her temporary bridge for a week.

It took an extra week because I wasn’t satisfied with the initial colour and shape when the technician sent the first bridge back … I told Laila that the makeover could be perfect … we just had to be patient a little … she agreed.

Today we completed her bridge! This time, when I passed Laila the mirror everything was perfect!

She loved it!

And  fussy me … fussy Dr Fauziah was satisfied too! 😉

The best part was taking Laila’s “After” photos … she was smiling wide naturally!

You are beautiful Laila!

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