A Beautiful Birthday Smile for Damalis

It wasn't easy to get the Before photos!

Damalis finally got to see me this afternoon! It’s been a frustrating few weeks for Damalis, her mum Donna and I, ever since her father Mr Poon got his makeover!

Damalis is in Upper 6 and has a packed schedule in school! Her mum, Donna, had made at least 3 appointments earlier and each time had to call me to reschedule as Damalis has had exams and classes.

It was Damalis birthday on Sunday, too … but as her schedule was so tight, it was only today, a day after, that Mr Poon and Donna could whisk her away from school to have her makeover done … at last!

A side shot before the magic began

I squeezed her in between patients … Donna had persuaded her to forgo the Mock-up and just put her trust in me … thanks Donna for your belief that I could ‘wow’ Damalis! 🙂

So under Donna’s watchful eye, I worked my magic on Damalis.

We talked about Farm Ville on Facebook, my son (Donna’s ex-student) Shamir and Justin Bieber! We talked about our old school St Mary’s where both Donna and I went to. We talked about being friends on Facebook with our children’s friends …. Donna and I caught up on things whilst I worked with Damalis.

What a difference!

At last Damalis was ready … she took her first look at her new beautiful birthday smile and for the first time that afternoon, broke out into a really big smile!

But fussy me wanted to tweak the smile just a little more … there was just a bit on the lower teeth that needed some work ….

At last, at last, I passed the mirror to Damalis!

Yes .. she loved it!

I ‘Bluetoothed’ the Before/After photos to Damalis’ phone before I printed the photos for her Makeover Albums … yes, she got 3!

See Ma! no gaps!!

As I printed the photos, I reminded Damalis to eat whatever she wanted … she had one whole month to break any of the Composite Veneers and I’d re-do them for free … I told her that I didn’t want her to be ‘careful not to eat anything hard’ … just eat your normal food, OK

Remember Damalis … normal food does not include stones, bones, wood and metal OK!

Enjoy your smile Damalis …. and happy birthday!

I forgot to ask Donna, Mr Poon and Damalis to pose for a final family photo together … sigh.

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