Suzzane gets her dream smile!

Suzzane did not have a pretty smile

Suzzane was referred to me by my friend and business associate Moon Chong. Moon had told Suzzane that I could transform her smile …. after all, Suzzane was her best friend and colleague. They spend loads of time together at work and leisure.

Every week at the BNI Ampang Chapter meeting, I’d ask people there to refer their friends, and I show them the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures like you see in this blog. I ask them to tell their friends about the blog.

I’d ask them to tell their friends to go to the blog … so Moon (thank you Moon!) told Suzzane to check out this blog and make the appointment.

Today, the beautiful Suzzane finally made it to the clinic … she really is lovely, but for her smile. Suzzane is such a fun person! She laughs all the time and obviously works very hard at AIA. As I spoke to her I was determined to do my very best for this lovely lady.

Before we did our magic

I realised that Composite Veneers wouldn’t do the job. Her over jet and over bite was too deep. Braces wouldn’t do it either as her bone wasn’t strong enough … besides I doubt she wanted to have metal in her mouth for two years!

I told Suzzane that the best way was to do a bridge and I promised that she will be amazed at the results … I could see in my mind’s eye what I would do to give her that beautiful smile.

I took an xray to make sure my treatment plan was the best course for Suzzane and with the xray in hand I explained the whole procedure … to my great joy Suzzane said “Yes!”

Suzzane when she left the clinic ... wow!!!

It never ceases to amaze me that patients trust us dentists so much to give them what they want … I was determined that she would leave the clinic with a whole new self-image.

It was a challenge to complete it all in just one sitting .. but after a couple of hours … with some breaks for Suzzane whilst I did patients who had come in for their appointments too … Suzzane was ready for the magic mirror.

I was very happy with the temporary bridge I had done for her … but would Suzzane like it???

I held my breath when Ayu passed her the mirror ….

Suzzane's new side profile

Suzzane gasped when she saw her reflection for the first time!

I was afraid I would cry … and that Suzzane would too … I was so happy! Ayu, my assistant was beaming too … we did it! But did Suzzane like it?

She giggled and laughed and kept saying, “I don’t believe it!” She LOVED it!

I told her that it was just a temporary bridge that I made and that the actual one would be far, far nicer. But Suzzane was too busy admiring her new smile … what a wonderful happy moment indeed!

It is times like these that I am so grateful for my ability to do makeovers for patients … I am so glad Moon persuaded Suzzane to come in to see me.

I love my job.

I get to make people happy.

I get to create beautiful smiles every single day!

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13 years ago

how much i will spend to makeover my teeth… my teeth same like suzzane…

13 years ago

Wow, well done doc! We miss you at the clinic at melawati..but dr nik and the team have been fantastic with Nasri! Keep up the magic!

(syed nasri’s mom- dont know if you still remember us though 😉