Meyya’s Makeover and surprise

Meyya's before

Meyya works with computers. He had been researching for a clinic to change his smile for awhile now and stumbled on this blog. He said he had found several sites but most were not in Kuala Lumpur.

Last week Meyya came in for an examination to see what I could do for him.

It was a fairly simple makeover really … he only needed three full composite veneers and a half veneer to do both his upper teeth and the lowers.

I told him his bigger problem was his two impacted wisdom teeth and the premolar that was had grown towards his cheek. We made the appointment for today to do the makeover and the premolar extraction.

Meyya came in today … right on time! I took the initial photos with some difficulty … obviously Meyya was not used to smiling for the camera! 😉

Meyya's new smile! His lower teeth are straight too though it can't be seen here

Well, all that was going to change!

His makeover was, as I had predicted, fairly straight forward except his teeth were so naturally white!! What a lucky young man indeed. In just a little over half an hour, Meyya was smiling wide!

Then it was time to take out the premolar.

I gave him his jabs … waited for him to get numb … the ever so gently eased out the tooth.

Once it was done, Meyya looked at me in surprise, “That’s it?” he said.

I laughed… “Yep, that’s it!”

Only then whilst we were printing the Makeover Album did Meyya tell me that he was very nervous about the extraction! Apparently his brother had needed to take out his front teeth after an accident and had screamed in pain during his extraction … he related how his brother even had to have people hold him down … what a huge difference compared to Meyya’s experience!

I told Meyya that in actual fact, his own extraction could have gone horribly wrong if a dentist had been rough and jerked the tooth out. Meyya’s tooth had an extremely hooked root that would easily have broken off if I wasn’t gentle and eased it out.

On top of this, the tooth root was very close to the Mental Nerve that supplies the chin area. I have known dentists who after fracturing the root like Meyya’s tooth, spend hours digging out the tip and in doing so damage the nerve … this patient ended up having numbness of their chin for 2-3 months!! Yikes! It takes that long for the nerve to repair itself!

“That’s why I didn’t want you to take the tooth out anywhere else but here.” I told him with a smile. “I didn’t want to tell you what could happen until I had completed the extraction … I didn’t want you to worry!”

Meyya laughed and asked, “Will the wisdom tooth surgery be the same?”

I told him to relax and not worry … I’ll do the surgery with as much care and have it out in less than half an hour! The secret is in always planning the whole procedure with good xrays before we start!”

So Meyya … enjoy your new smile!!

And relax … I promise the wisdom tooth surgery will be a breeze…. see you on Thursday!

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By sheer coincidence … 27 April is my birthday!! 😉

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13 years ago

I am narrating my experience with Dr.Fauziah and clinit staff so that others will not be afraid to visit dentist anymore. In short this is what I have experienced – Patience, friendly, profesionalism, fast healing and NO PAIN at all. Profesionalism – Dr. Fauziah has been very profesional in dealing with my issue. She explains to me completely about the whole procedure and even during surgery, she tell me what is happening without making me feel afraid or anxious. Her style of approaching the patient before, during and after treatment makes me feel very safe and comfortable. Patience and friendly… Read more »